My life as a charm bracelet

Sixth grade snags aqua mohair
Trout's flashing tail caught in so much monofilament

Significant animals exchange idle chitchat with Neil Armstrong
first man on the

Barnum and Bailey moon hanging up in the I-80 Stuckey's sky
Chipmunk souvenir

Old woman chooses new shoe hue repainting touching up

Mermaid in the museum with the crayon Clue.
Lizard and owl pea green boat

So many children didn't know what to do didn't know what to do
Sailboat escape

© 2013-2016 Nancy L. Ruder

1 comment:

Kathleen said...

How lovely, in all kinds of ways. I recently wore my old charm bracelet to church, a post-holidays nostalgic gesture, looking at it closely and thinking, "I need some new charms." You might just turn this into a New Year's resolution for me!