Inside out and backwards

No thanks to my silent coworkers, I wore my boatneck shirt backwards all day. When I went on a retail therapy fitting room excursion at my dying local mall after work I discovered the truth. No wonder I got all those smiles and muffled chuckles. Maybe tomorrow I should wear mismatched socks, and then on Saturday it's inside-out day!

All those years of teaching preschoolers we just celebrated when kids got dressed all by themselves, and weren't too picky about the details. Concurrently, all those outings to Outback and Red Lobster with my 80-something father in his plaid PJs, with his walker and his very loudly expressed opinions when I mostly wanted for Scotty or Spock to beam me up...

So, now, here I am sporting an un-proofread fashion statement wardrobe dysthymia turtle backwards in its shell.

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