The medium is the meditation

Traveling a great circle route I find my home anew.  My new job pushes me off into other waters to fuel my creative needs. I'm in the flow, even if it is an eddy. Holding hands while treading water to stay afloat are childhood drawings on Howie's blueprint paper, environmental education solar-power cyanoprints, papercutting influences from around the globe, nature photography from Oak Point Nature Preserve, textile art, Photoshop junkies, and mental flipflop gymnastics.

And so, I take up my tiny scissors once again to cut paper patterns to make blueprints on fabric, getting my big fat knuckles stuck in the scissor handles in the process. The past few evenings have passed in a state of capital F flow, an alignment of challenge and intent focus, while renewing ability to make papercuts for a new purpose.

The treated fabric pieces arrived from Blueprints on Fabric. On my next sunny day off I'll make the first sunprint from a papercut pattern based on one of my insect photos.

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

© 2013-2016 Nancy L. Ruder

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