Uber glass slipper moment

Pulled into a parking place near work all in a frazzle because it was raining and one of the Buick windows declined to "roll" up. Getting out to inspect the situation I noticed a  man in a safari vest running up the sidewalk toward me, talking on his cell phone, and looking hopeful.

This is the first time I've ever been mistaken for an Uber driver. The car he was seeking was across the street and down the block. He was kind of cute for a confused white-haired guy standing in front of a razed lot where only one tree, a rustic kids' treehouse, and a For Sale sign remain.

The library is acquiring more romance paperbacks and ebooks lately of both the satin-dressed heiress and unbuttoned cowboy shirt varieties. Perhaps there's room on the shelves for some mistaken Uber contemporary romances. Some enchanted morning you may see a stranger across a crowded road...

,,,But for now I must rig up a trash bag with packing tape to keep the rain out of my pumpkin carriage until I can get to the car repair shop.

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