Death by Webinar

There are still a few bugs to research before I write my murder mystery. Like how did the murderer do it when the door was locked from the inside??!!  

The trainer/host had a smiling caricature avatar in the upper right hand corner of our screens, but a severe upper respiratory infection on audio. His review of interlibrary lending procedures in the consortium was frequently interrupted. A participant with an unmuted mike had a more fun-loving office.
Resistance is futile

Since we've built up resistance to Power Point presentations, our captors have created the next ring of hell -- Death by Webinar. You want to sleep. You need sleep. But you must not sleep in the office. The scratchy audio makes your skin itch, your nose run, but you can't move. You can't move your mouse. In fact, to do so would be sure death. You are trapped by inertia and duct-taped into your swivel chair.

You must watch the screen with the invisible hand moving the cursor around in vague motions. There are no facial expressions or hand gestures to help you interpret your captor's utterances. Questions devoid of grammar and punctuation appear in the chat box. How long can this go on? You've been signed in for, what, 98 minutes already. There is no chocolate anywhere.

So let me offer some reading suggestions to relax after your killer commute:

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  • Death with Scheduled Upgrade
  • Death Created an IT Ticket
  • Your Password Expired and You Ain't Lookin' So Good Yo'self

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