Demented emoticons drive dump trucks


Teeny tiny Tonkas queue to bring loads of itty bitty problems and catalog snarls to dump across my desk and keyboard. What to I do but give a demented emoticon smile and nod and thank the library gods for catalog maintenance job security?

So many codes of happy faces and smileys and Munch's "Scream" emojis filling up our brains -- I bet that was the space where the Polynesians stored their star navigation knowledge.

Grandma used to sign her birthday cards "X O X", probably my introduction to symbols. Hugs and kisses from Grandma were loaded with flavors, scents, sounds, along with the hugs.  I thought understanding the symbols meant I was reading.

If you are happy and you know it, use your thumbs to type text messages. Yes, your old thumbs can learn new tricks. The piling on of cataloging weirdness will abate. Then we will all dot i with pinky-purple hearts and smiles.

 I'm so happy I could cry listening to The House at the Edge of Night audiobook. 


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