Sam and Janet evening

Just two weeks from now I'll have to say goodbye to my wedded skinny son and new daughter-in-law on the island of Sardinia. They will be as cute and starry-eyed as my parents look in this snapshot from September 1951.

If one doesn't know, the black and white photos hold endless outfit color possibilities. But I know. My mom's snazzy jacket with matching belt was this color green. It was the Peter Pan costume in our red dress-up box. Was the dress black and white? Maybe navy? Maybe the wavy signal when the little black and white tv with rabbit ear antennae had difficulties...

Added this new biography of Mary Martin to the library collection this week. I hear the songs playing on the mono hi-fi. My parents had many Mary Martin musical soundtracks on 33 1/3 and 78 rpm.

Some enchanted evenings : the glittering life and times of Mary Martin

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