Able to leap tall buildings

Gothic-Catalan bell tower of Cattedrale Santa Maria
This little early bird climbed stairs to the terrace top of Torre de San Giovanni in honor of my muse who loves tall buildings. Huffing and puffing, I was grateful it was a short tall building.

On the way up I caught my breath at the large model of Alghero circa 1865, and remembered how my three little sons had loved the model of the Alamo way more than the actual Alamo.

Persevering, I gracelessly ascended the uneven stone stairway with no handrail to emerge into the sunshine.

Dome of Chiesa San Michele

Fort Magdelena with port in background

Bell towers of San Francesco and Santa Maria

One of several towers

Via Sassari and the park

Looking toward Lido beach

And closer, old city streets and rooftop spots:

No, it wasn't nap time when I got back to ground level.

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