Prison windows

"The Alcatraz of Italy" prison was the first stop on our boat tour around Asinara Island. Used for centuries as a agricultural penal colony, leper quarantine hospital, and high security prison for mafia bosses, this prison was vacated in 1998. Areas of the prison for regular security, high security, and maximum security bunkers translated as "soft arms," "hard arms," and "bunker".

Where does the word "bunker" originate? Thanks, Online Etymology Dictionary:

1758, originally Scottish, "seat, bench," of uncertain origin, possibly a variant of banker "bench" (1670s); possibly from a Scandinavian source (compare Old Swedish bunke "boards used to protect the cargo of a ship"). Of golf courses, first recorded 1824, from extended sense "earthen seat" (1805); meaning "dug-out fortification" probably is from WWI.

The imprisoned mafia bosses didn't get to do much besides sit 23.75 hours/day in their bunkers under constant surveillance. On the way to Stintino we drove by old military bunkers, too, but no golfing.

Where prisoner sits for short monthly visit with family.

Exiting Samuel Beckett exhibit "Invisible Prison".

Isolation of Isola de Asinara.

Lizard's blue tummy spots match the sky.

The island is on the tentative list for UNESCO World Heritage Site designation. And yes, I woke up at four a.m. again.

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