Lost in the rough, pt. 1

While trying to take photos of barn swallows swooping through the apartment complex, I became a not entirely disinterested observer of the Friday afternoon drama across the way.

A teen driver deposited a carload of kids in the parking lot after school and sped off. I went about my business. Who knows what business the kids went about? Some hours later the single mom who lives in that apartment arrived home, and an assortment of teens were booted out the front door with little but their cellphones for diversion.

Again, let me proclaim I was just watching for the barn swallows. There seems to be a nest in the rain gutter above my stair landing. The chirping that starts about four a.m. every morning is a chorus of hungry young. The frazzled parents sometimes sit on the railing outside the door to smoke a cigarette and wonder why they ever thought having kids was a good idea.

As a single mom of teen boys back a decade or so, I wonder how many times my home resembled her home when I was away at work. By her, I mean the woman with the silver car, not the barn swallow, but I wish them both a happy Mother's Day.

Staying alive!

© 2014 Nancy L. Ruder


seana graham said...

No aspersions on your kids or your neighbor's, but I used to live behind a working family whose twin teenage sons got home from school at about two o'clock. And no, the parents didn't know the half of it. I knew way more than I wanted to by sheer proximity.

Fun little sketches, by the way.

Collagemama said...

I understand completely, Seana.