Lost in the rough, pt. 2

    Laundry disaster reenactment
  • The barn swallow makes a nest of mud, grass, spit, and the first assignment from Ceramics 101.
  • The Baltimore oriole makes a nest resembling a disastrous laundry encounter of an 18-Hour bra, a washing machine agitator, and a Smart Klean laundry ball. Baltimore orioles do not live in North Texas. Baltimore orioles do not wear lingerie. Baltimore orioles do not search for golf balls in the rough.
  • If  the Smart Klean laundry ball gets caught in the corner of a fitted sheet, the entire load of laundry will twist into a tight rope and tie knots in itself.
    Smart Klean laundry ball is terrific except for sheets and bras!
  • If the Smart Klean laundry ball gets cuddled in the cup of a bra while the strap gets hung up on the washing machine agitator, all the capri pants will twist into ropes. The bra strap will be as long as the drive from Dallas to Fort Worth.
  • Then you could hang the strap over your shoulder while collecting the golf balls found in the rough in the bra cup down at your hip. You could carry seeds like Johnny Appleseed, and sow it thither and yon.
  •  Aside from linens and lingerie, the Smart Klean is a brilliant solution to laundry problems.

Do your cups hang low? Do they waggle to and fro? Can you sling them over your shoulder when the going gets rough? Do your cups hang low?

© 2014 Nancy L. Ruder

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Kim said...

Bras and washing machine agitators...shudder!