eBay before breakfast

Nothing like waking up and finding one of my offerings on eBay sold while I slept. Rushing to kitchen to make coffee so I can work my way through the invoice and shipping process. Then posting a new oddly fabulous item on the auction block.

Found this postcard in the stack, and it held a special curse. For two days now I've had Barry Manilow stuck in my head. The postcard is from about 1960, but the earworm is from 1978.

1978 was a strangely peculiar year. Join me for this really rapid review:

Cowboys beat Broncos BeeGeesFantasy IslandMoonies wed Texas Instruments patents microchipLarry Flynt Eric Heiden  Nancy Lopez Richard Dreyfuss Diane Keaton Nolan Ryan Bjorn Borg Tom Seaver The first unsolicited bulk commercial e-mail (which would later become known as "spam") is sent by a Digital Equipment Corporation marketing representative to every ARPANET address on the west coast of the United StatesSteely Dan "Peg" You Light Up My Life  First Class postage 15 cents  Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue Ayatollah Khomeinifirst test tube baby"Evita" premieresGarfield, created by Jim Davis, 1st appears as a comic stripJimmy ConnorsGeorge BrettSid ViciousReggie JacksonLee Iacocca"Taxi" premieres on ABCBegin, Sadat & Carter sign Camp David accord Legionnaire's disease US Commerce Dept says hurricane names will no longer be only female"Dust in the Wind" by KansasPete RoseOh, and nuclear weapons were being tested by several nationsPolish Cardinal Karol Wojtyla elected Pope John Paul IIEqual Rights AmendmentRunning on Empty Jackson BrowneIn Jonestown Guyana 918 members of Peoples Temple are murdered/commit suicide under leadership of cult leader Jim Joneswomen sportswriters cannot be banned from locker roomsShort People Got No ReasonSupreme Court orders Cal medical school to admit Allan Bakke a white man claiming reverse discrimination when application was rejectedDolly Parton "Here You Come Again" 
No fact checkers were harmed in the creation of this post.

© 2014 Nancy L. Ruder

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