Frankenberry cedar waxwings

It would be a horror movie if not for their adorable face masks and tails tipped in Testors yellow model car paint. The cedar waxwings have arrived. They don't wander the city in search of brains like zombies. They just want berries. Ve vant to dwink your verries!

I love that the cedar waxwing call is named the "hissy whistle". When hundreds of the invaders are making that sound, it's difficult to ignore.

© 2013-2015 Nancy L. Ruder


seana graham said...

Seems a little bit scary post Hitchcock, but I'm sure I would get used to them. Not so sure about that whistle, though.

Collagemama said...

It's okay, Seana, because as soon as they polish off the berries they will be gone.