When it's allergy eye drop time in Plano, Texas

When it's cherry blossom time in Orange, New Jersey, we'd make a peach of a pear.

Awaiting the eye drop falling into my itchy eye this morning I could hear my dear old dad, Howie, doing a silly routine about blossom time. Who did Dad imitate? This is the time of year Howie and I would have our annual daffodil vs. narcissus debate, and in later years our income tax knock-down-drag-outs. And always in the spring break visit Dad would go off on "blossom time in Orange, New Jersey."

Finally, three years after his death, I am able to remember my funny father. A gift, a corner turned, a wish granted, and I've got the silly dad who taught me the Charleston bees knees back. The dad who shared my rock tumbler adventures, who found figuring square roots an entertaining diversion on long road trips to his in-laws, and even patiently taught me to shuffle cards.

So I'm trying not to rub my gritty allergy eyes, and glad to find Danny Kaye doing Sylvia Fine's "Lobby Number". My parents were fans of Danny Kaye, so it all makes sense. And I'm thinking of the gorgeous fruit paintings by Jonathan Koch that appear often on Kathleen's Wait! I Have a Blog.

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seana graham said...

My family are Danny Kaye fans too. Come to think of it, it's now multigenerational.

I'm glad your happy memories of your father are returning to you.