An app for the MOG

The internet is a fabulous imaginary place for identifying caterpillars so surely it's the place for locating the Mother-Of-the Groom dress you have always dreamed of, or of which you have always dreamed, even when your sons expressed the teenage opinion that you were a real witch with dangling participles and sentences ending in prepositions. Thank heaven one need not master grammar to finally marry off the youngest son.

If a caterpillar intended to walk down the aisle and sit in the front row to the right, the choices would be body main color, body main pattern, hair density, and distinct features.

This is surprisingly close to the decisions for a mother of a groom in the aisle heading for the same pew.

1. Main body shape:

2. Main color

3. Main material

[  ] Plastic bags     [  ] Duct tape     [  ] Chia pets     [  ] Goose feathers     [  ]  Bubble wrap

4. Distinct features

[  ] Cloak of invisibility [ ] Crush into overseas travel bag* [  ] Slimming [  ] Hide flabby arms 

Directions: Fill  [  ] with #2 pencil. Spelling counts.

This will, indeed, go on your permanent record.

© 2013-2016 Nancy L. Ruder

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