Another one bites the dust, spewing Young Adult fiction toxic dragon barf on my favorite pants

If my Sims had known to do CPR chest compressions at 110 beats per minute singing along to Queen's song, "Another One Bites the Dust", those clueless computer buddies of the early millennium might still be around to cheer me up.

The Sims never ironed pants or shirts for work. This was a creative oversight by the game designers, since ironing has potential for personal injury, wardrobe malfunction, family disputes, and house fires
  • Don't iron while wearing a bikini unless you want to have a painful, scarring burn across your abdomen.
  • Be extra careful draining the kettle of spaghetti into the colander lest the scalding water splash on your midriff. See above.
  • A BBC mystery series in the DVD player is an enticement to marathon ironing.
  • That would be until the iron went cold and started spewing chunky particulate matter and off-color liquid on the pant legs in question.
  • This steam iron joins the long parade of small appliances who have bitten the dust.
Another one bites the dust

And another one gone, and another one gone

Another one bites the dust

Hey, I'm gonna get you, too

Another crockpot bites the dust...

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